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Director of Development in Reach

With our Director of Development in Reach service you have access to an experienced development professional at your side to help you grow your fundraising revenue. 

You know you will hire development staff in the future but you’re just not there…yet!

You also know that you must invest in help now so that your organization will keep growing later. 

And that’s where we come in…

By handing off some of the fundraising strategy, planning, and writing to us, you’ll be able to save time to focus on other things, serve more people, and build your organization’s revenue faster. 

We start with doing an assessment to get a better understanding of your nonprofit and your fundraising potential. We will determine the right strategies for you, develop a plan, and then execute it. 

We will get your development department up and running or streamline your systems and add dollars to your fundraising revenue. 

After our engagement together we will help you hire a director of development. We’ll even stick around for a 30/60/90 day plan to hand everything off and make sure it is a seamless transition for you and your new staff member. 

A few examples of how we may be able to support you in your  fundraising through director of development in reach: 

  • Map out a fundraising plan
  • Content calendar with direct mail and online engagement
  • Donor strategy
  • Annual appeal 
  • Grant calendar development and maintenance 
  • Advisement of potential grant opportunities
  • Guidance on contacting foundations
  • Grant proposal writing 


Fundraising Talent in Reach

Is your organization ready to hire a director of development? The hiring process can be both exciting and scary. Exciting because you will no longer be doing the job of three (or more) people. High five!

But scary if you make the wrong hiring decision which can result in wasting time and money on a series of hires. 

We have the experience of working in a human resources department for large nonprofit organizations, some with budgets up to $20 million. We have recruited and staffed nonprofit development departments and we can help you manage the hiring process for your nonprofit! 

Things like: 

crafting the ideal job description

recruiting the right candidates that are the best fit for your organization

making the offer 

onboarding with a 30/60/90 day plan

Everything you need to make sure it is a seamless transition for you and your new staff member. 

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