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Grant Research

Are you casting a wide net hoping you'll catch that big foundation fish? Submitting grant proposal after grant proposal with no real strategy is a waste of your nonprofit professional time. Let's face it, we both know you don't have time for that! Purchase our Grant Research Package and never second guess your efforts again. Quickly find out which foundations support your nonprofit's cause. Whether you're already winning some grants but not finding many to fund your program or you need to expand your grant portfolio, we will find the right foundations and funding opportunities that are the best fit your programs, services, and projects. Stop wasting time and leave the research to us.

Grant Writing

Don’t have the time to write grants? Let us take grant writing off of your to-do list so you can focus on other areas of running your nonprofit. We write federal, corporate, and private foundation grant proposals. In addition to writing your grant proposals we will make sure you're applying to the right opportunity, that your nonprofit's applications are following the foundation's request, and follow-up to answer any questions that may come up. See our list of past awarded grants we've written and funded programs below. Contact us for a grant writing quote. Maximize your time and leave the grant writing to us!

Grant Audit

Know your nonprofit has a great mission but wondering why foundations aren't mailing you more award letters? Not certain where you are going wrong or what to do to fix it? No, we're not the IRS but we are going to ask to look at all things grant-related (including budgets) and that's a good thing! This service can be extremely eye-opening. In fact, past clients have seen their grant funding increase by 42% after this service was performed for their nonprofit. We’ll take a look at the grant process that makes sense for your organization before, during, and after you write the grant, and streamline those processes for best grants management, reporting and foundation relations.

Grant Department in Reach

Is it hard for you to find the time needed for writing and winning a steady stream of grant funding for your nonprofit? So, what can you do? Outsource your grant department to us! Increase your grant money and never worry about missing a grant deadline or submitting an upcoming foundation report again. We work hands-on with your staff through regular communication to manage your entire grants program. You'll feel less stress knowing exactly what needs to be done next with the added confidence that the work is being performed by grant professionals and through constant communication.

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