Ten Signs You’re Grant Ready

Ten Signs Your Grant Ready
Most nonprofit organizations that contact us, want to begin with grant writing. But before you start to think about submitting a grant proposal or hiring a grant consultant, make sure you have at least these ten things in place before you begin:
  • Your organization is tax-exempt and you have the required federal and state paperwork associated with your tax-exempt status.
  • Have a diverse, engaged Board of Directors that supports organizational growth and fundraising.
  • Have mission and vision statements and a description of your organization that includes its history, why it exists, services, and accomplishments.
  • Have a recent tax return and 990.
  • Have an accounting system in place so that expenses can be tracked separately for each awarded grant.
  • Have current board-approved organization and program budgets.
  • Have a list of past, current, and pending funding sources that includes the list of the funder, dates of funding, and purpose of the funding.
  • Have identified grants that align with your mission and programs/services – don’t expand services or programs just to fit a foundation’s grant requirement.
  • Have developed a grant calendar, a clear grant strategy, tracking of deadlines, and know of upcoming tasks and grant reports.
  • Realize when you aren’t quite ready for the grant deadline, the grant is not a great fit, or don’t have the capacity to prepare a quality grant proposal and are open to stop working on the grant or reaching out for help.
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