What to do With Those Father’s Day Ties.

Father’s Day is June 20, 2021.

Happy Father’s Day!

Big shout-out to my own dad, my husband, my father-in-law, and all the fathers, stepfathers, and father-figures out there.

Thanks for all you do!

Quick Nonprofit Tip:

Consider donating all those ties you bought dad and that he no longer wears to a thrift store, second-hand store, or a Goodwill near you.

Most of these stores are nonprofits that rely on your donations to keep their doors open. It’s a great way for nonprofits to supplement their grant awards and monetary donations and earn some much-needed income.

Plus, secondhand shopping and recycling of goods is great for the environment.

Click on the link to find a thrift store near you. National Thrift Store Directory
You can even search by cause:

  • animal charities
  • rescue missions
  • development disabilities
  • hospitals
  • veteran’s causes
  • homelessness/housing initiatives

Maybe consider what an earned income program could do for your nonprofit organization, too.

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